Students’ benefits in blended courses by Juliana da Silva Mello


People started using computers and the Internet to perform all sorts of activities. In that sense, education has also been incorporated to this online invasion. One of the popular class formats nowadays is the blended course, a mix of face-to -face and online class, which has been intensively adopted among many knowledgeable educational institutes. Much has been said about this kind of learning environment, for the good and the bad. What not to deny is that the advantages are many, for both students and teachers.

One aspect that helps blended courses to be so popular nowadays is the flexibility. Once blended classes are divided into class discussion and online work, students face another reality. This environment gives them the chance to adapt and create their own studying time. Some of them feel comfortable doing their tasks either in the morning or in the afternoon. It is a great way to arouse the sense of responsibility in students, having them develop their own schedule. Personally, this flexibility helped adapt and manage my schedules, both at work and at school. With this flexible schedule, I could balance the class day with my other duties during the week.

Another positive aspect of this type of class is the task production in the sense that, from one class to the other, there will be certain time available to think over the topics discussed in class and do the tasks proposed by the teacher in the face-to-face meeting. Some assignments asked and performed in class may not be as thorough and complete as the ones researched, prepared and reviewed by the student at home. It is favorable to students, who will have time to prepare their assignments with more dedication, as well as for teachers, who can use the opportunity to demand more of their students, once they have more time to dedicate to these tasks.

Despite these points mentioned above, blended courses may favor the isolation and lack of interaction between students and teachers. According to SchooX, a website which contains many topics about E-learning environment, outgoing people can feel challenged to withdraw their personal characteristics, while thriving to adapt to this online experience. In contrast to that, introspective students, who have difficulties getting along with others, find in the blended courses a way to participate in discussions and expose themselves more due to this evident distant the computers impose on us . They may feel comfortable to take part in all the tasks proposed and be more open to express their opinion.

Blended courses are here to stay. They were projected to facilitate people’s busy, demanding and tiring life style. These courses offer students the flexibility to attend (less) fewer face-to-face classes, which helps them insert this activity into their professional and personal life. Besides, blended courses facilitate the task(s) performance, once students have more time to dedicate to and enrich the quality of their assignments. They are a great tool for introspective people that can benefit from this physical distance to be more participative and express their point of view. The balance between face-to-face and online classes is a great way to promote education and reach students in and out of the classroom.


2 thoughts on “Students’ benefits in blended courses by Juliana da Silva Mello

  1. I agree with the author that blended courses may help introvert students express themselves more, both online and in f2f environments. One point that is important to note about blended courses is the amount of responsibility placed on the students, who have to work online before class, so that they are prepared to take part in the f2f interaction. The input of content is mostly online, so students really need to be diligent and responsible in order to ‘go with the flow’ of the course and not to fall behind with their studies. The question is then whether students are prepared for this shift from receiving content from a teacher to being responsible for acquiring this content online before practicing it in class with the group.

  2. Hi Juliana,
    I really enjoyed reading your essay. I totally agree with you when you talk about the way introspective and outgoing learners might behave in an online evirronment. That is one of the reasons why blended learning is such a nice way of learning. In a certain way students find a balance in the way they behave online and in f2f environment.
    You are right, blended learning is here to stay.

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